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VIDEO: Ted Williams, Homeless Man With Golden Voice, Offered Job, Housing By Cavaliers

On Tuesday, the world was introduced to Ted Williams, a homeless man living along Ohio's I-71 with a sign that boasted he had "the God-given gift of voice."

The video -- which has been viewed more than four million times in less than two days -- is really a must-watch (listen?). Williams tells his tale -- with that God-given gift -- of how he came to develop his voice (inspired by a field trip a Brooklyn radio station), lost his dreams when they were derailed by "alcohol and drugs and a few other things," before sobering up (two years clean, he proudly says into the camera), and trying to start again.

Now, it's Wednesday morning, and Ted Williams -- after an emotional appearance on CBS' The Early Show and a feature on The Today Show -- has been offered a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers while in-studio as a guest on Cleveland's WNCI 97.9.

In addition to a full-time position with both the team and Quicken Loans Arena -- mostly voiceover work -- the Cavaliers have also offered to pay for Williams' mortgage on a brand new home (jump ahead to around the five-minute mark):

And it's seemingly just the start, as Darren Rovell just tweeted that NFL Films is looking to contact Williams for a potential job offer.

"Amazing" does not begin to do this story justice. Truly some of your best work yet, Internet.

(HT: Jose3030 and Chris Littmann)