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NBA All-Star Voting: Amare Stoudemire, Derrick Rose Close Gaps On Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo

When the last NBA All-Star voting results were released, Amare Stoudemire was trailing Kevin Garnett by over 75,000 votes. It seemed improbable that the biggest star to play in New York in a decade would not be named an All-Star starter, so this was a surprise. However, it appears Stoudemire is closing the gap.

Stoudemire still trails Garnett in the latest NBA All-Star voting results, but now trails by just 24,059 votes for the second Eastern Conference forward spot. Garnett has a total of 850,687 votes, with Stoudemire not far behind with 826,628. Both trail LeBron James for the top spot, as James has 1,194,091 votes.

This isn't the only position that's hotly contested. The battle for the second Eastern Conferece starting guard spot between Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo has tightened. Rondo still leads, but only by 12,028 votes. Rose trailed by 56,000 votes last time. Out West, Carmelo Anthony has increased his lead over Pau Gasol for the second forward spot, and now leads by 39,425 votes.

Here are the starting lineups for the game as of today:


  • G: Dwyane Wade (1,167,649 votes)
  • G: Rajon Rondo (929,781)
  • F: LeBron James (1,194,091)
  • F: Kevin Garnett (850,687)
  • C: Dwight Howard (1,205,159)
  • G: Kobe Bryant (1,391,597)
  • G: Chris Paul (724,605)
  • F: Kevin Durant (945,944)
  • F: Carmelo Anthony (724,284)
  • C: Yao Ming (754,583)
Yao is obviously out for the season with an injury, so the NBA will need to find a replacement for him. Lakers center Andrew Bynum is currently second in the voting.