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VIDEO: NBA Lockout Should Not Be Confused With Middle School Lock-In, Kevin Love Explains

The NBA lockout is a pretty confusing thing right now aside from the end result being that regular season games have begun to be canceled. With buzz words like BRI and bloggissists being floated around and Roger Mason Jr. touting free basketballs and Ronny Turiafs on Twitter, however, it isn't hard to see how some might be confused regarding what a lockout actually entails.

Thankfully, the good folks at Funny or Die have brought us a video featuring Dallas Mavericks players Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion along with the always-great Kevin Love to show us just what a lockout isn't: a middle school lock-in.

The above video is going to make viewers feel sad for the now-blonde Shawn Marion considering he can't break dance, wears glasses and tries talking about books -- typical middle school nerd stuff.

It's also pretty informative, however, as I had no idea that Kevin Love was so up-to-date on his trapper keeper trends and the ability to commiserate with the drama surrounding the average 14-year-old female or that Tyson Chandler wouldn't be able to parlay his defensive dominance into something allowing him to cut in on a slow dance.

And, sorry guys, but if the lockout continues to take away NBA games, this is what is going to be considered worthy of posting on your favorite websites.