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VIDEO: President Obama 'Heartbroken' Season Is Being Delayed By NBA Lockout

President Barack Obama is a known sports aficionado, a fact that was known before he entered the White House and reinforced by his going on ESPN to make his annual NCAA March Madness picks and setting up pick-up games with his constituents.

The most powerful man in the United States of America reminded everyone of his love of basketball once again on Tuesday as he spoke of being heartbroken regarding the affects of the NBA lockout.

"I have to say that backstage I had a chance to see Dwight Howard and Dwight's a great friend," President Obama said at a fundraiser in Orlando. "I told him I'm a little heartbroken that the NBA season's getting delayed so I'm hoping those guys are back on the court soon."

(Hat tip for the video goes to the guys at Sports Grid)

When even the President of the United States wants to see the NBA lockout end and is name-dropping the star player of the Orlando Magic, Commissioner Stern, it's probably time to stop wielding the lockout like a weapon and just let us all have what we all would like: #FreeBasketball.