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#NBAFanVoice Day: Speak Your Mind

Throughout the NBA lockout, we've heard from players and union leadership. We've heard from David Stern. We've heard from columnists and media folks. We've heard from TV's talking heads and sports radio's disembodied voices. But the most important voice at all -- the voice of the fan -- hasn't received nearly enough attention.

That's why SB Nation invites all NBA fans to speak their mind about the lockout and the league on Monday, October 17.

Write about whatever makes you passionate: this is your chance to get your thoughts out there into the conversation, where they deserve to have amplification. We'll publish fan submissions on Monday and Tuesday. You can also go to your neighborhood SB Nation team blog and post a FanPost there. Use "NBA Fan Voice" in the headline and, if you're on Twitter, tweet using a #nbafanvoice hashtag.

Angry at players, angry at owners, completely down-the-middle, not angry at all, sad, apathetic, annoyed, glad to be able to focus on other wonderful things life offers: no matter what your view, we want to hear it. Send e-mail submissions to tom AT sactownroyalty DOT com. If you post a FanPost on an SB Nation or write a post on your own blog or Tumblr, send me a link via email or Twitter mention. If you find a good submission or related post by someone else, pass it on. Let's carry this through Monday and give fans a true seat at the table where the public conversation about the lockout is being held.

Please spread the word.