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J.J. Hickson Replaces Trevor Booker In Israel As NBA Lockout Drags On

The NBA lockout does not seem like it will be ending anytime soon, especially following the mess that happened on Thursday as talks between the owners and players broke down. Knowing that, it makes sense that more players will take their talents to Europe as the chance of NBA season gets further and further out of sight -- with J.J. Hickson to Israel making his move over night.

Hickson, one of the few bright spots on the Cleveland Cavaliers roster before being traded to the Sacramento Kings prior to the lockout, has signed to play in Israel for Bnei Hasharon until the lockout ends. The forward will replace Washington Wizards forward Trevor Booker as he returns to the United States from an injury that will take several weeks to recover from, according to the press release.

Hickson will join a few player with recognizable names to fans of stateside basketball as former Baylor Bears backcourt members Tweety Carter and LaceDarius Dunn play for Bnei Hasharon along with fellow NCAA standouts Delroy James of Rhode Island and Creighton's Kenny Lawson.