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#LockoutLife: The Kevin Durant Flag Football Game That Was Inevitable

Photo via KT King

Well it was only a matter of time before KD got bored with charity basketball games and started seeking out other ways to keep busy. So you sorta knew what was coming next once he tweeted this on Monday afternoon:

This lockout is really boring..anybody playing flag football in Okc..I need to run around or something!

"Anybody playing flag football?" pretty much guaranteed that within 12 hours we'd all be talking about Kevin Durant playing flag football. And sure enough... KD wound up at Oklahoma State playing in a fraternity flag football game. Photos and video after the jump.

When an OSU student responded to his tweet--"Got a game tonight in Stillwater!! I need a deepthreat!!"--Durant asked if he could play, and next thing you know, it was on.

Durant finished with four TDs and three interceptions and roughly 4,000,000 camera phone photos. You can check out an entire gallery of high-quality photos over here, at KT King's Flickr account. And here are some highlights of the game, plus an interview with the college kid who made it happen.

It's all pretty awesome now, and nobody's been busier during the lockout than Durant. But the best part about all these weird stories during the lockout is that one day, five or six (and then 10 or 20) years from now, videos like that one and photos like these will be pretty incredible to look back on. Like a time capsule to this strange, alternate universe where the best basketball players in the world were just trying to hang out and get some exercise.

Speaking of which...


ARE YOU READY FOR SOME (flag) FOOTBALL (with basketball superstars)?

(HT: Pistols Firing)