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NBA Holds Twitter Question And Answer Session That Results In PR Misfire

Say what you will about the NBA and its owners' positions during the NBA lockout, but it has unequivocally won the public relations battle between itself and the NBA Players Association. David Stern's side misfired a bit on that front Sunday evening, however, during a question and answer session it held on Twitter.

To be fair, the opportunity for fans to tweet at a Twitter account purportedly being run by Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver sounded excellent in theory, but the answers they gave only reminded the public that there are some ridiculous people holding the 2011-12 NBA season hostage.


As most astute fans will notice, the first question (the bottom question for those unfamiliar with Twitter's set-up) is asked by Philadelphia 76ers center Spencer Hawes. It seems to be a reasonable question, but the NBA's answer is snarky and actually avoids the player's question.

The rest of the Q&A resulted in further questions being danced around as the NBA continued to promote its agenda, but the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade summarized it all in the end with a tweet of his own.


If the NBA is really simply dancing around the questions inside the negotiating room until it gets what it wants, this season is definitely not looking like it's going to happen. How u?