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Lamar Odom Set To Join Deron Williams In Turkey, According To Report

Lamar Odom wasn't Besiktas first choice as their import from the Los Angeles Lakers -- that honor would have gone to Kobe Bryant. The Turkish club that already employs NBA All-Star Deron Williams has apparently decided on Khloe Kardashian's husband as its second import, however, with plans for him to begin playing next week across the pond.

Odom will join the team based in Istanbul next week, according to ESPN's Marc Stein, and would make more than $2 million in salary if he finishes the season out in Turkey. Like most NBA players taking their talents abroad, however, he will have an option in his contract to return stateside once the lockout is complete.

The Lakers forward will join a couple of fellow locked out NBA players with the Turkish squad. Williams, the New Jersey Nets standout point guard, and Semih Erden -- a center who finished last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers -- are already on the roster. Marcelus Kemp, a former NBA Draft candidate out of Nevada, is another name that might be familiar to American basketball fans.

Besiktas has lost just one game in the regular season thus far this season, but Williams was unable to lead them to victory in their Euroleague qualifying games. The team is instead playing in the Eurochallenge where they are 3-0 after Williams scored 50 in the team's last game.