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NBA Lockout Rules On Team-Player Interaction Remain In Effect

A NBA lockout deal has been reached, but team officials can't exactly reach out to their players just yet. ESPN's Ric Bucher reports that communication rules established by the league remain in effect for at least the next few days as a lawsuit settlement is finalized. Team personnel have been forbidden from contacting players since July 1, when the NBA instituted the lockout.

The league has allowed some exceptions, for instance allowing coaches and team employees to attend player weddings when cleared in advance. But team employees have been shut out of the exhibition games played all over the country, and front offices have been unable to keep tabs on players' workout plans and nutrition. (Shawn Kemp famously came back from the 1999 lockout overweight; that worry no doubt weighs on some executives.)

Bucher said the restrictions will be released in the next couple days, and free agency is expected to start December 9.