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NBA Lockout: Age Minimum Decision Could Be Delayed, Saving 2012 Draft

A decision on whether to increase the NBA's age minimum could be put off, preserving the quality of the 2012 NBA Draft, reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski. The age minimum was among the so-called B-list items to be agreed upon as a part of an NBA lockout deal. The league is believed to prefer an age-20 minimum, increased from the current age-19 rule implemented in 2005.

Wojnarowski reports that the league could create a joint committee with members of the players' camp to study the issue in the coming year and make a decision that would affect the 2013 draft. That would mean that star freshmen like Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond and Austin Rivers would remain eligible to enter the draft in 2012, joining Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones, Jared Sullinger and John Henson at the top.

Since the age minimum was instituted in 2005, there has not been a discernible decrease in the rate of busts near the top of the draft.