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NBA Schedule Details Released By League

The NBA schedule will be released within days, and it's unlikely it will at all resemble the version that the league presented in August. Cutting 18 games from every team will tend to do that.

In the interim, the league has announced what form that schedule will take, confirming reports from the New York Times Sunday that indicated the NBA would shrink the interconference slate in favor of more games against in-conference opponents.

The NBA says that teams will play out-of-conference opponents at least once each, with three teams getting a second meeting. Of the other 12 out-of-conference opponents, six will be faced at home and six on the road. Given the NBA's strong home-court advantage, this could be a real impact in the standings.

The other 48 games will be played within the conference. There are six teams who will share four meetings with any given team, and the other eight with play three-game sets.

The NBA also says that the playoffs will begin on April 28, and that there could be one back-to-back per series in the second round.