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Brandon Roy Will Be Waived Via Amnesty Clause, Says Report

The Portland Trail Blazers will waive Brandon Roy using the NBA amnesty clause once league business returns to normal, reports columnist John Canzano of The Oregonian. Roy had double knee surgery last winter and was inconsistent in his return to the court, but had come back awful quickly and still turned out a magical playoff performance against the Dallas Mavericks. Roy has a minimum of $64 million left on the remaining four years on his contract.

Canzano reports that the decision has already been made by Blazers owner Paul Allen.

In response to the news, fans from SB Nation's Portland blog Blazer's Edge peppered Allen with tweets in opposition to waiving Roy on Monday. The volume was so heavy that Allen eventually broke the NBA's gag order to thank Blazers fans for their patience. That drew more comments supporting Roy.

If Roy is waived, teams with cap space will be able to bid for the opportunity to take over a portion of his contract, which means that he may not hit the free agent market.