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Jerry West, Warriors' Executive Board Member, Isn't Sure About DeAndre Jordan

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The Golden State Warriors just signed center DeAndre Jordan to a four-year, $43 million offer sheet, even though his numbers aren't any better than their current center's numbers at the same age. Jerry West, who is arguably the best team executive of the last 30 years for his work with the Los Angeles Lakers, is currently a Warriors' executive board member.

Here are Jerry West's thoughts on DeAndre Jordan:

"He’s a young, active player who is probably coming into his own," West said. "Those are the kinds of players who people are willing to take chances on in terms of paying a lot of money. At the end of the day, you have to find out what’s in store for anyone. I’m just not really sure about him."


"It’s obvious that they need a low-post defender to help who they have, somebody who’s big and long and takes up a lot of space. But at what price?" West said. "I would never recommend or even consider signing someone unless it was just going to be a one-year fix for you. It gives the coach another piece of the puzzle. To me, everything has to play out, and, by Wednesday, we’ll know where things are. Then, you go to Plan B."

The Warriors, everyone!