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NBA Schedule Release Planned For Tuesday On NBA TV

The NBA schedule release date typically isn't the most newsworthy event. Considering basketball fans have been waiting to watch basketball since the NBA Finals ended last season, and then it was delayed by the lockout, this year's announcement is rather highly-anticipated.

The schedule will be released at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night in a special being aired on NBA TV, according to the station's schedule. It will be discussed on the program NBA GameTime.

This year's NBA schedule will be truncated due to the NBA lockout as it will feature just 66 games, instead of the usual 82, and is scheduled to begin on Dec. 25. Provided the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NBA has released further details about how the schedule will break down.

Teams will play out-of-conference opponents at least once each, with three teams getting a second meeting. Of the other 12 out-of-conference opponents, six will be faced at home and six on the road. Given the NBA's strong home-court advantage, this could be a real impact in the standings.

The other 48 games will be played within the conference.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for all games announced prior to the official release date -- including the NBA Christmas game schedule.