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VIDEO: Your Wednesday Lob City Recap

I'm not sure it's possible to argue the Los Angeles Clippers won't be fun to watch. Whether they'll make a deep run into the playoffs remains to be seen, but with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the Clippers are must-watch television.

The Clippers finished up their second preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, and there were plenty of highlight reel moments. Paul, Griffin and DeAndre Jordan all got in on the action, setting each other up for dunks with lobs -- just as the team's nickname promises. It's almost as if the three are looking to immediately live up to the nicknamed Griffin and Jordan bestowed upon the team when the Chris Paul trade was completed.

After the jump, a trip through Lob City on Wednesday night, in video form.

First up, Chris Paul to Blake Griffin.

And here's Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan.

Finally, let's switch it up a bit: Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan.

All videos via Jose3030

The only thing missing here is a lob from Griffin or Jordan to Paul.