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Where Lou Williams Turns An Armed Robbery Into A Holiday Meal

If you've never heard of Lou Williams, all you need to know is this: He's the sixth man for the Philadelphia 76ers, a part-time rapper, and on Christmas Eve, he almost got robbed. As the Philadelphia Daily News reports:

While stopped in his car in Manayunk on Christmas Eve, Williams was approached by a man with a gun. The situation was deflated when the gunman recognized Williams and commended him for his work in the community. Williams said he treated the man to a meal at a local fast-food restaurant by giving him some money.

So, yeah, basically the best story ever. And then there's Williams' explanation.

He scored 25 points off the Philly bench on Monday night, and explained his Christmas Eve exploits afterward. "I was debating whether to pull off or help the guy," he told reporters. "The gun was already out. He did all the talking and we came up with a solution before I could really say much. I treated him to McDonald's." This should be a Christmas movie one day.

Some Lou Williams context: A few years ago I was lingering at the Verizon Center at a Wizards-76ers game as the Sixers came out of the locker room. If you've ever seen NBA players travel, it's usually a train of Armani suits and Louis Vuitton luggage. On this night, the Sixers were no different.

And after a group of Sixers boarded the team bus, with guys like Andre Iguodala looking straight out of GQ, in a three piece suit with a thousand dollar duffle bag, there was Lou Williams shuffling out of the locker room in an oversized white T, flip flops and socks, and carrying his stuff in a giant trash bag. How you can you NOT love a guy like that?

"He's a Lou Williams fan so he didn't rob me," Williams said of the would-be robber.

That, my friends, is the epitome of street cred. We will never be cool enough to not get robbed on Christmas Eve. And then he took him to McDonalds for a free meal on Christmas Eve? That's just living the Christmas spirit. As if we needed another reason to love Lou...