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VIDEO: Kevin Durant Steals Vince Carter's Shine With Buzzer-Beater

I was all excited for a moment; giddy like a little kid on Christmas. For all the jokes about Vince Carter, he managed to be incredibly useful in a clutch situation as the Dallas Mavericks took a one-point lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder with just seconds remaining on Thursday night. Dirk Nowitzki was a decoy on the play, drawing the defense in and kicking the ball out to Vince Carter in a "....wait, what?" moment. And then Kevin Durant happened.

Look, let's just face facts at this point: Kevin Durant is everything one would want in a superstar and probably more. Durant spent the summer playing basketball wherever he could find a court, using the lockout as one long public display of his love for the game. And then the real games start and he comes out gunning every night.

So as he caught the ball with a man in his face beyond the arc on Thursday night, you knew what was coming.

Fadeaway three with the defense converging on him? No problem at all. And you're not surprised it happened in the least.