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VIDEO: Ray Allen Breaks Reggie Miller's Career Three-Pointer Record, Hugs Miller

Ray Allen took a little bit longer to break Reggie Miller's career three-pointer record than the Boston Celtics fans at TD Garden might've liked, but it was worth the wait. Late in the first quarter he drilled his second three of the night on his fifth attempt. No other Celtics have tried threes, so yeah, getting Allen's record out of the way was something of a priority.

Miller calling the game for TNT added a layer of drama, with the broadcast team admitting to feeling as many pins and needles as anybody else in the building.

After hitting the shot, Allen hugged his mother and wife as U2's "Beautiful Day" blared throughout the arena. The Boston crowd was fired up all through the opening period, living and dying with each attempt of Allen's. His shoes were already slated to be sent to the Hall of Fame along with a pair of Miller's -- good thing he got the record tonight! -- but they've still got three quarters of work left in them first. 

Videos via @Jose3030

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