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VIDEO: Stephen Jackson Makes Love To Pressure, Slays Hawks With Buzzer Beater

Stephen Jackson is not without his faults. He's among the most inefficient high-scorers in basketball, and has been for quite some time. He takes far too many jumpers, argues calls that even Rasheed Wallace would let go by, is considered a coach-killer and, despite his reputation as a sharer, is actually a reluctant passer if he has a few feet of breathing room. He's basically the worst "star" a team could build around.

But man, Captain Jack makes love to pressure. His Charlotte Bobcats came back from a 22-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday thanks to Jackson's killer jumper.

Jackson led the Bobcats with 32 points. Charlotte looked dead in the water in the first half, but pulled it together and ran Atlanta out of the gym in the third quarter. The game was tight throughout the last quarter, and despite taking a pretty awful, heavily contested shot at the buzzer, Jackson had the last word. That's been the story of Jack's career. He wins just enough games to make him palatable for all the games he shoots the Bobcats (or whatever team he's on) out of. These types of shots are his "I'm sorry" moments to Bobcats fans.

I think Charlotte will accept the apology, and live to have its heart broken again.