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Michael Jordan's Birthday: Just Another Excuse To Watch The Greatest Highlight Reel Ever Made

Today, February 17th, is the 48th birthday of Michael Jordan, a guy who was so good at basketball that you would not believe how good at basketball he was. After the jump, I've placed what I feel to be the best highlight reel of all time, and it's criminal that even though it's been on YouTube for over two years, it has fewer than 7,000 views.

You know... in 2007, Kevin Willis played a few minutes for the Mavericks at age 44. Jordan's fewer than four years older than that. I'm sure that his golf buddies and the guys who arrange his autograph sessions slap him on the back and say, "ha, you know you could go back out there tomorrow and show those kids a thing or two?" Jordan is so hyper-competitive that, with enough prodding, he might be able to go on the court today and show them one, or possibly even two, things.

Before we get to the video, though, allow me to stress how good Michael Jordan was: in my opinion, he was very good. Okay, here it is. There are plenty of other Jordan highlight videos out there, of course, but the Marvin Gaye track seems to fit perfectly.