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Blake Griffin To Jump Over Car At Slam Dunk Contest, According To Report

We really didn't need any more reason to be excited over Blake Griffin's participation in Saturday night's NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but it looks like we're getting it anyway. Jonathan Abrams of the New York Times is reporting that tonight, Griffin plans to dunk over a car.

Dunk contest spoiler alert: Blake Griffin is planning to jump over a car tonight.

Wow. If this is indeed the plan, let's break this down. Griffin is 6'10". For example's sake, let's suppose he wants to jump over, say, a 2011 Toyota Corolla, which is about 4'10" at its highest point. We know that he can get eye-level with a 10-foot rim, which means he can lift himself just over three feet off the ground.

Keep in mind, though, that he can bend his legs up and create more space under him. That might give him, what, another two feet of clearance? I know this is Blake Griffin we're talking about, but still... this could be a close call.

Maybe he'll give himself a break and dunk over a Miata. Or a convertible. Whatever the case, stick with us.

Throughout the day, be sure to check back with this StoryStream, which we'll be updating with more highlight reels and updates from tonight's dunk contest. And to follow along with Blake Griffin fans, check out our Los Angeles Clippers blog, Clips Nation.