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DeMar DeRozan's Highlight Reel: Raptors High Flyer Could Be Slam Dunk Contest Spoiler

DeMar DeRozan may not be the most exciting name in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but the Raptors swingman is the only player in the field with Slam Dunk Contest experience: he came in second to Nate Robinson in last year's underwhelming competition, despite possibly outperforming the mighty-mite dunker. Can DeRozan make his spectacular athleticism work in his favor tonight, and upset the frontcourt-heavy field, including hometown favorite Blake Griffin? His body of work suggests that he at least has a chance.

DeRozan was a good enough dunker in 2009-10 to spur fans to make videos in hopes of getting him in that Dunk Contest.

This facial on Tyrus Thomas earlier this season is probably DeRozan's best dunk so far.

DeRozan's between-the-legs two-hander from last year's Slam Dunk Contest might win for degree of difficulty, though.

And for a reminder that you and I are both unathletic schlubs — or, uh, at least one of us is — here's DeRozan winning a high school dunk contest.

Throughout the day, be sure to check back with this StoryStream, which we'll be updating with more highlight reels and updates from tonight's dunk contest. And to follow along with DeMar DeRozan's career, check out our Toronto Raptors fan community, Raptors HQ.