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Report: Carmelo Anthony Will Not Sign Extension With Nets

As the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors continue to swirl during All-Star Weekend, we seem to have learned one thing about what might happen with the Nuggets superstar: Anthony is reportedly not going to sign an extension with the New Jersey Nets.

Newsday has a paywall, but the gist of Alan Hahn's report is this:

Multiple sources have told Newsday that Anthony has no interest in signing the three-year, $65 million contract extension that would be a requirement of a trade the Nets complete.

This means that it's highly unlikely the Nets' offer for Anthony, reportedly agreed to in principle on Friday, will be accepted — and that means the New York Knicks once again have the inside track on bringing Melo to the tri-state area.

Of course, Melo's interest in going to New York has never been in doubt; now, it seems, the Knicks have to decide whether trading a significant chunk of their team for just one player makes sense. They have until the NBA's trade deadline, at 3 p.m. on February 24, to make that decision.