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POLL: Was DeMar DeRozan's 'Showstopper' Dunk Contest's Best Jam?

Blake Griffin almost didn't make it to the final round of the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest, as he needed some help from the generous (to him) judges to lift him past Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan in the first round. Griffin eventually won after dunking over a KIA. DeRozan was a bridesmaid, finishing third overal.

But he may have had the best dunk of the contest, a technically absurd and perfect jam dubbed The Showstopper. Take a look, and vote in our poll on the best dunk from Saturday night.

DeRozan was the only repeat contender; he competed in 2010, and, like Saturday, didn't get enough love from the judges. DeRozan's stanchion dunk in the first round was clearly more impressive than a similar effort by Griffin, but Blake pulled a 46 and DeMar pulled a 44. Both took numerous attempts to execute their dunks, but DeRozan went between his legs from a tougher angle. Had the scores been reverse, DeRozan would have been in the finals against JaVale McGee, and KIA would have a brand new car sitting in the bowels of Staples Center.

If you're into the GIF scene, @jose3030 has the Showstopper for you in that format.