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Carmelo Anthony To Knicks Trade Involves 12 Players, Three Teams: A Full Breakdown

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Carmelo Anthony was but one player in the blockbuster three-team trade executed Monday by the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves. A total of 12 players, three draft picks and $6 million in cash changed hands. Here's a full breakdown of what each team is getting.


Carmelo Anthony. The four-time All-Star is the marquee name in this trade, and the new marquee name in New York. Anthony's trade saga lasted 202 days, but resulted in what he wanted all along: to be in New York. There's serious debate as to whether 'Melo is even one of the best 15 players in the league. Regardless of that, and the fact that he won't help New York's serious defensive problems, he's a huge name, and a marketing coup for the Knicks.

Chauncey Billups. The 13-year veteran replaces Raymond Felton in New York, where he'll pass a little less and shoot a little more. Billups has become a bit of a wise sidekick to 'Melo, and we'll see how his combo-guard styled game suits Amar'e Stoudemire. See more on Chauncey Billups' impact on the Knicks.

Corey Brewer. The fourth-year wing might be traded again before the deadline. If not, he'll be one of the few defenders on the Knicks' roster. See more on Corey Brewer's future.

Renaldo Balkman. Balkman was originally a Knicks draft pick in 2006, which makes it only fitting that Isiah Thomas was reportedly involved in bringing him back. Balkman played sparingly in Denver, and it's unclear whether that will change in New York. See more on Balkman's return.

Shelden Williams. Williams, a former No. 5 pick out of Duke, has bounced around the NBA since 2005, making his way as a rebounding and defensive specialist. Will Mike D'Antoni ever use him? We'll see.

Anthony Carter. Carter is in this deal solely for salary reasons, though New York could use some depth at point guard. But if you're playing Carter any substantial minutes at this point, you're in trouble.


Danilo Gallinari. The Knicks' 2008 lottery pick -- the first of Donnie Walsh's New York tenure and long seen as D'Antoni's chosen star -- will move across the country to attempt to replace 'Melo. Good luck. Gallinari is much more of a shooter than Anthony, but is (if you can believe it) a worse defender and rebounder. See more on what Gallinari offers the Nuggets.

Wilson Chandler. Chandler was a Knick before Walsh and D'Antoni arrived, and existed in an odd suspended state over the years. He looks to find his NBA destiny in Denver, or wherever he lands in free agency. See more on Chandler.

Timofey Mozgov. The Russian rookie was a last-minute sticking point in the trade negotiations, but Denver managed to pry his four points and three rebounds a game from the Knicks. Will he have a major role in Denver with Nene and Chris Andersen in place?

Raymond Felton. Just months ago, Felton was getting legit push for an All-Star spot. So much for that. Felton went into a prolonged shooting slump, and eventually became trade bait in the 'Melo derby. He looks to rent the starting point guard spot in Denver until Ty Lawson is ready to take over. But once that happens, plenty of teams will look to add Felton's solid play. See more on Felton.

Knicks' 2014 first-round pick. Who knows how valuable this will be once 2014 comes around. No one! That's who!

Two second-round picks. These are like the free samples a coffee shop hands out. "Thanks, I guess."

$3 million cash. The Knicks hand out cash like it's ... a free sample at a coffee shop.


Anthony Randolph. The enigmatic forward seemed like a perfect fit in New York, until D'Antoni decided to never ever play him. Minnesota adds to its reputation as the Island of Misfit Lottery Picks; Randolph will back up Kevin Love and Michael Beasley at the forward spots. See more on Randolph.

Eddy Curry. Curry was included in this deal only for his expiring contract, which the Wolves will absorb as the price of Randolph. If the Wolves reach a buy-out with Curry, it's only to save a buck. No team is going to sign Curry right now.

$3 million cash. Ching ching.