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Carmelo Anthony Will Wear No. 7 With The New York Knicks, According To Report

Now that Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks, the immediate question is this: what jersey number will he wear. Anthony wore No. 15 with the Nuggets, but that number has been retired by the Knicks for Earl Monroe and Dick McGuire. Therefore, Anthony will change numbers and wear No. 7, according to a report by CNBC's Darren Rovell

Breaking: Carmelo Anthony has requested to wear #7 for the Knicks.    

There was talk that Anthony would wear No. 13, but in the end, it appears he has decided on No. 7. Anthony wore No. 22 in high school, but that number has also been retired for Dave DeBusschere. There was talk that Anthony might wear No. 30 (15 x 2), which is what Knicks legend Bernard King wore, but that also never came to be. Instead, it'll be No. 7.

The last Knicks player to wear No. 7 was Al Harrington, who signed with Anthony's former team, the Nuggets, last summer. Other Knicks players to wear No. 7 include Gerald Henderson, Kenny Walker and Channing Frye.