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Nate Robinson To The Warriors Among NBA Trade Rumors

Nate Robinson could be headed to the Golden State Warriors in a trade with the Boston Celtics, reports Sam Amick. NBA trade rumors continued to fly after the New Jersey Nets traded for Deron Williams early Wednesday, with teams alternately looking to clear cap space and shore up problem areas in advance of the stretch run and playoffs. It's unclear what exactly the Celtics are aiming at here, as the Warriors headed to Boston in the proposed deal haven't been named.

Robinson signed a two-year deal worth $8.7 million before this season. The reserve guard is a prolific per-minute scorer and shooter, and is very intense on defense (fitting the Boston mold). But his size -- he's the shortest player in the league other than Earl Boykins -- makes his defense hard to tolerate in most match-ups, especially given his lack of playmaking ability, which requires that he either play shooting guard or the point with other ballhandlers on the court with him.

The Warriors are chock full of small shooting guards with some point guard abilities, as the description fits both Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. The Celtics lack depth at small forward, and the Warriors do have Dorell Wright, Reggie Williams and Charlie Bell at the position.

The Warriors are pushing for a playoff spot in the suddenly wide open West. Boston is parlaying with the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls at the top of the East.