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NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics Shopping Marquis Daniels, Draft Pick For Small Forward

The Boston Celtics continue to be involved in recent NBA trade rumors, as they are trying to find a backup swingman behind Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They tried offering Nate Robinson around the league, but teams weren't interested in acquiring him. Now, they are offering their first-round pick and the expiring contract of injured Marquis Daniels, according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports.

The Celtics have been rumored to be interested in a number of players, including Houston's Shane Battier, Cleveland's Anthony Parker, Washington's Josh Howard and several others. They also may be interested in Phoenix's Jared Dudley if the Suns choose to move him, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian WojnarowskiThere was a rumor that the Celtics were talking to the Warriors about a trade involving Robinson, but that got shot down yesterday.

Daniels' situation, however, complicates matters somewhat. Daniels is on his second straight one-year contract, which means he has the power to veto any trade. It remains unclear what Daniels would do if the Celtics did indeed agree on a trade involving him. 

The Celtics could also acquire a player bought out after the trade deadline if no trade comes together.