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Troy Murphy, Already Dealt To Warriors, Remains In NBA Trade Rumors

Troy Murphy was traded to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday in a cap dump that netted the Warriors a second-round draft pick and sent the expiring contracts of Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright to the New Jersey Nets. All expectations have the Warriors reaching a buy-out agreement with Murphy after the NBA trade deadline Thursday, allowing the forward to sign with a contender for the stretch run.

But Matt Steinmetz of reports that the Warriors are looking to flip Murphy for another pick. Steinmetz reports that because multiple teams are interested in Murphy, contenders might look to work out a trade before the deadline. The Warriors would be looking for picks in those types of deals.

If Murphy isn't dealt, the Warriors aren't expected to save much salary. Typically, players agree to buy-outs which allow the old team to withhold any salary paid by a new team that picks the player up. For instance, if Murphy was bought out and signed a minimum contract worth $400,000 after being pro-rated, the Warriors could lop $400,000 off their payments to Murphy.

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