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Baron Davis Will Play For The Cavaliers After Trade, GM Chris Grant Says

As soon as the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Baron Davis and a first-round pick from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, many speculated that Davis would not play much for the team. Davis famously clashed with head coach Byron Scott when the two were with the Hornets, and he's also had nagging knee pain. However, general manager Chris Grant said that the plan is for Davis to play for the team.

Via the Akron Beacon Journal:

On buying out Baron: "We're keeping him. We're excited about the player."    

Davis has two years and $28 million remaining on his contract after this season, so it would be a hefty buyout price. Grant said he hasn't even talked to Davis about the trade yet, much less the possibility of a buyout.

That leaves the issue of Davis mending fences with Scott. Scott took over as Hornets coach before the 2004/05 season, and he immediately clashed with Davis. Davis wanted more control than Scott was willing to give him, and Davis essentially demanded a trade because of it. However, Grant said that Scott is on board with the idea of Davis playing for the Cavaliers.

On Byron and Baron's relationship: "No concern. Byron and I have talked about this throughout the entire process. Byron is totally on board."