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Celtics Trade Kendrick Perkins, And Boston's Stars Are Not Happy

The Celtics shocked the NBA with the Kendrick Perkins trade on Thursday, and as the dust settles after the trade deadline, some of the Celtics, themselves, are beginning to ask why GM Danny Ainge did any of this in the first place.

Yahoo! Sports is already reporting that Celtics veterans are "livid" over the news, and though Jeff Green brings the Celtics an attractive young player on the wing that'll likely help for years to come, you have to think Kevin Garnett is wondering whether they just sacrificed a title this year.

Suddenly, Boston's left with Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, and Nenad Krstic as their primary big man. And without Kendrick Perkins, the defense that owned Dwight Howard for the past few seasons suddenly looks a lot more manageable. It's not to say that Boston is suddenly mediocre without Perkins, but... Well, if this is Danny Ainge's grand plan, you can understand why guys like Paul Pierce and Garnett might be a little upset.

I bet they all reacted a little bit like Shaq does in this video. Can you blame them?