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Kendrick Perkins Crying, Distraught After Trade To Oklahoma City

Kendrick Perkins is a gentle giant that wears his emotions on his sleeve. On Thursday, those emotions were on display as the Boston Celtics traded Perkins and Nate Robinson to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. Perkins, reportedly broken up about the trade, was seen crying as Nate Robinson tried to console him after they received news of the trade.

Robinson said Perkins was distraught at the prospect of moving his family, pulling up his roots and leaving his friends after spending eight years in Boston.

He's taking it pretty hard because he's been here eight years," Robinson just said while checking out of the team hotel in Denver. "He was very emotional, crying. He has to move his family, and he's been really tight with Rondo and other guys on the team. I feel his pain. It was tough when I left New York because of all the guys I'd been around."

It wasn't just Perkins upset on Thursday, either. Upset at losing a leader and positive presence in the locker room, Celtics' veterans were reportedly livid upon hearing the news. The move not only drastically reshapes the roster, but also changes the locker room chemistry, a dangerous territory to wade in to.

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