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PHOTO: Neither Miami Heat Fan Shows Up For Kobe Bryant

Look at this photo of Miami's American Airlines Arena. If you click on it to make it larger, you can see that a basketball game is being played. Among the players involved in this game: Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, the world's two most famous active basketball players and possibly America's two most well-known active athletes.

Miami's attendance issues are very old news, and Heat schadenfreude is getting less satisfying by the day, but this is amazing:


(via @ArashMarkazi via @Adam_Jacobi)

Not to dump on Miami* or the fervor of the region's many dedicated Heat fans, because there are certainly more distractions in South Beach than just about any other town in the world. It's just hard to imagine seeing a gym that empty for Kobe-LeBron in any other NBA town.

* Beyond the title of this post.

At least in Atlanta, there would be thousands of Lakers fans in the house. I've been talked out of sharing my 750-word rant on why that makes Atlanta a great sports town, so be glad for that.