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60 People Miami Heat Should Sign Instead Of Eddy Curry

Tuesday, March 1 was a significant day in the NBA because it was the last day players could be bought out of their contracts and still be eligible to play in the 2011 playoffs. The list of buyouts included many of the expected candidates (Troy Murphy, Mike Bibby), some surprises (Corey Brewer, Al Thornton) and one big man who still hopes he gets his chance to return to the league.

Yes, Eddy Curry, the onetime New York Knick who has played a total of 10 games since 2008 due to weight issues, personal problems, financial issues and much more, is free to join an NBA team. The Minnesota Timberwolves acquired his contract in the massive Carmelo Anthony trade as collateral for also getting young prospect Anthony Randolph. On Tuesday, the Timberwolves bought out the final year of Curry's contract. Now, Curry wants to play again, but only for the very best. Via Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld.

Eddy Curry is telling those close to him that he'll eventually sign with the Miami Heat. He has to sign before final day of regular season.    

The Heat already have a surplus of bad big men on their roster, but let's assume that they actually want to sign one more. Tom Ziller and I came up with 60 people we think would be better fits than Eddy Curry.

  1. Carlos Arroyo
  2. Mike Bibby (a second time)
  3. Corey Brewer
  4. Derrick Brown
  5. Al Thornton
  6. Rasual Butler
  7. Othyus Jeffers
  8. Marcus Landry
  9. Rod Benson
  10. Courtney Sims
  11. Adonal Foyle
  12. Paul Davis
  13. Ryan Bowen
  14. John Edwards
  15. Fabricio Oberto
  16. Sean Williams
  17. Adam Morrison
  18. P.J. Brown
  19. Jackie Butler
  20. Mike Sweetney
  21. Lance Allred
  22. Wang Zhizhi
  23. Keon Clark
  24. Nikoloz Tskitishvilli
  25. Todd MacCulloch
  26. Gheorghe Muresan
  27. Greg Ostertag
  28. Pavel Podkolzin
  29. Patrick O'Bryant
  30. Scott Pollard
  31. Shawn Bradley
  32. Michael Jordan
  33. Alonzo Mourning
  34. Hakeem Olajuwon
  35. Charles Barkley
  36. Mark Jackson
  37. Patrick Ewing
  38. Reggie Miller
  39. Scottie Pippen
  40. Chris Webber
  41. Penny Hardaway
  42. Rony Seikaly
  43. Roy Tarpley
  44. Charles Oakley
  45. Tree Rollins
  46. Barack Obama
  47. Arne Duncan
  48. Justin Bieber
  49. Master P
  50. Common
  51. Randy Moss
  52. J.A. Adande
  53. Terrell Owens
  54. Matt Steinmetz
  55. Isaac Austin
  56. Waka Flocka
  57. Allen Iverson
  58. Albert Haynesworth
  59. Heat assistant coach Keith Askins
  60. And, of course, the man who traded for him ... Isiah Thomas!