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NBA Playoff Picture: Lakers, Mavericks, Thunder Jockeying For Position In Western Conference

The NBA playoff picture is still incomplete, as teams in the Western Conference are still jockeying for position. The Spurs have locked up the top seed in the West, and we know that the Lakers, Mavericks, and Thunder are behind them, but the sequence is still yet to be determined. Here are all of the possible scenarios.

Lakers win, Mavericks lose: This would give the Lakers the 2-seed, the Thunder the three-seed, and the Mavericks the 4-seed.

Lakers win, Mavericks win: Lakers No. 2, Mavericks No. 3, Thunder No. 4.

Mavericks win, Thunder wins, Lakers lose: Mavericks No. 2, Lakers No. 3, Thunder No. 4.

Thunder wins, Lakers lose, Mavericks lose: Lakers No. 2, Thunder No. 3, Mavericks No. 4.

All three teams win/lose: Lakers No. 2, Mavericks No. 3, Thunder No. 4.

All three teams wrap up their regular seasons on Wednesday. The Thunder host the Bucks, the Mavericks host the Hornets, and the Lakers travel to Sacramento to face the Kings.

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