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Maloofs Rub Salt In Sacramento Kings Fans' Wounds

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The Sacramento Kings may be playing their final game ever on Wednesday, against the hated L.A. Lakers. It might be the final Sacramento Kings game because the Maloofs intend to move the team to Anaheim this summer. In fact, the Maloofs did not attend this final game because they are in New York City preparing to make their relocation case to the other NBA owners on Thursday.

It gets worse. From the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones:


It remains unclear how the Maloofs' courtside seats are handled when the family is absent from the arena. Needless to say, the franchise could have done a bit of a better job making sure Sacramento Kings fans weren't slapped across the figurative face on Fan Appreciation Night, which could double as the last night of pro basketball ever in the city.

It's going to be mighty uncomfortable next season if the Maloofs' deal in Anaheim falls apart.