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NBA Relocation Committee Considering Sacramento Kings' Anaheim Move Filled With Small Market Owners

Clay Bennett, who owns the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise, will lead the NBA's relocation committee through consideration of a potential Sacramento Kings move should the Maloofs file an application by the league's new May 2 deadline.

The NBA confirmed the six other members of the committee: reported four of those names earlier this week. The league recently replaced Lakers owner Jerry Buss, a staunch opponent of the Kings' relocation, with Bennett, one of the league's newest small-market owners and the man who took the Sonics out of Seattle in 2008.

During this week's owners meetings in New York City, the Board of Governors made Bennett the committee's chairman.

Five of the seven committee members represent small markets, like the Maloofs.

Disclosure: the author is a Kings fan, Sacramento resident and the editor of