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Kings Expected To Remain In Sacramento For At Least One More Year, According To Reports

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The Kings are expected to remain in Sacramento for at least one more year, reports Mark Heisler and Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times. The tide against a planned relocation to Anaheim had stumbled over the past week, as Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson made a pitch to the NBA to keep the team in its home of 26 years while the city works on an ongoing effort to build a new arena and entertainment complex. Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett and NBA attorny Harvey Benjamin visited Sacramento on Thursday and Friday to meet with Johnson and business and other political leaders.

The Maloofs have not addressed Sacramento's new push to keep the Kings, but NBA commissioner David Stern has made clear in the last week that he is interested in fully fleshing out both the condition and viability of Sacramento and the prospects of the Anaheim market.

In a Friday afternoon press conference after the Times' story broke, Johnson said that he will not be sure the Kings are staying in Sacramento until he hears it from Stern or Bennett. The NBA demured on official questions about a decision from the Times.

Recent reports have suggested the city will have one year to have a new arena under development. Power Balance Pavilion, formerly known as ARCO Arena, was built in 1988, and is considered the worst arena in the NBA by no small margin.

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