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NBA Back In Sacramento To Collect Deposits From Potential Kings' Sponsors

In the ongoing saga of the potential Sacramento Kings' relocation to Anaheim, the NBA is again visiting the current home of the team to gauge local corporate support for the franchise. The Sacramento Bee reports that mayor Kevin Johnson has worked to set up meetings between NBA officials and corporate leaders who have pledged a collective $10 million in new sponsorships for the Kings, should the team stay next season.

It's an odd creation, with the Maloof family, which owns the Kings, seemingly out of the loop. The NBA wants to ensure that Johnson's $10 million pledge adds up, which means arranging for the businesses to make deposits. But with the Kings cut out of the equation, businesses are unsure exactly what they are getting for their money, The Bee reports.

If businesses do come through with actual sponsorships, it's expected that the NBA will direct the Maloofs to remain in Sacramento for the 2011-12 while the city works on a proposal to build a new entertainment and sports complex. A notable arena builder ICON and local developer David Taylor expect to present a feasibility study on a new arena by the end of May.