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Sacramento Businesses Pledge $10 Million, Make Deposit To Keep Kings

Sacramento businesses made good on their pledge of $10 million in new sponsorship money for the Kings on Tuesday, telling NBA representatives that they would make 20-percent deposits on the deal this week to convince the league and the Maloof family from relocating the team to Anaheim. The Sacramento Bee reports that the NBA's relocation committee, headed by Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett, will likely confer this week on whether to recommend approval of a still-unfiled relocation request.

The Maloofs have until May 2 to file such a request.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, a former All-NBA point guard, drummed up the corporate support as a part of his push to sell the NBA on the city's viability as a market for the league. He gave a presentation at a mid-April league owners' meeting that apparently knocked the NBA's socks off; what was seen as a foregone conclusion regarding the Kings' relocation as turned into an apparent victory for Sacramento.

The Maloofs haven't tipped their hand, despite the new income. It's unclear whether they have any shot of being granted relocation this year, or if they plan to push for a move despite obvious NBA qualms.