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NBA To Update Maloofs, Anaheim Officials On Sacramento Kings Relocation Situation

The NBA has been active in Sacramento over the past week, meeting with city officials and business leaders in an effort to gauge the viability of the Kings in the market the team has called home for 26 years both next year and into the future. The Maloof family, owners of the Kings franchise, have expressed interest to the NBA in moving the team to Anaheim this summer, but have been completely left out of the Sacramento discussion.

Today, according to Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register, the NBA will update the Maloofs and Anaheim officials on Sacramento's viability and the likelihood the league's relocation committee, headed by Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett, would recommend approval of the Maloofs' potential relocation application.

The Maloofs have until Monday to apply for relocation. Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, a former All-NBA point guard, threw a wrench in the Maloofs' plan by knocking the socks off David Stern and the NBA's Board of Governors two weeks ago in a presentation on Sacramento's viability. The NBA spent two days in Sacramento meeting with Johnson and potential arena developers last week, and returned Tuesday to receive deposits from 30 businesses that pledged a combined $10 million in new corporate sponsorships for the team.