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Spencer Hawes, Lou Williams Respond To LeBron James' Breakfast Comment

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You heard LeBron James' remark about the Miami Heat beating the Philadelphia 76ers being a mere case of breakfast-finishing? Philly players appear to have transitioned surprisingly well to their opponent's musical cannibalism, with Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes leading the healing process.

Williams reportedly went around the Sixers locker room assigning breakfast food roles to each player, dubbing Marreese Speights "Fruit Salad," Andres Nocioni "Huevos Rancheros," Hawes "Over Easy," Thaddeus Young "Hash Browns" and himself "Flapjacks." Hawes responded with a literary critique, making him "Sh-eggs-speare":

We not only took exception to the quote, but to the analogy. A lot of times people don't finish breakfast. It's kind of one of those deals where you're not very hungry in the morning, and you might take a couple of bites to get you going, and then you roll out the door ... Not a great analogy, I don't think.    

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