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Dwight Howard Totally Stoked For Oncoming NBA Rumor Deluge

Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic were eliminated from the 2011 NBA Playoffs on Thursday, falling in a stunning series to the Atlanta Hawks, a team they'd beaten by an average of 25 points in a four-game sweep last postseason. Howard is a free agent in 2012, which means that per the Chris Bosh Treaty of T-Dot of 2010, he must be traded lest Orlando come away with nothing.

ESPN's Ric Bucher has speculated where Howard would force a trade to for months. According to Alex Kennedy, Howard made a point to ask Bucher for some insight before Game 4 in Orlando.

Prior to Game 4, Howard confronted Ric Bucher and asked, "Where am I going, so I can tell my agent and my family?"

For the record, Bucher has most recently speculated that Howard would ask to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets should also weigh heavily, because the Lakers, Knicks and Nets figure most largely in every single top-tier rumor ever.