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Kevin Durant Reveals Contents Of Backpack, Ending Greatest Mystery Since Final 'Sopranos' Episode


Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder wears a backpack after games. What's that all about? What's he carrying around all of the time? Is Nate Robinson in there? All of Durant's modesty? (Like it would fit.) His two scoring championships? A Tupperware filled with swagger? (Like it would fit.) All of those jerseys he wore in that iconic (iconic?) rookie commercial? A lot of sports drink? Scott Brooks' hair products?

A second Kevin Durant who sometimes changes places with Kevin Durant in order to allow the star to remain fresh late in games? The District of Columbia? Oklahoma City? The future of the NBA, as in, he carries the future of the NBA on his back? Just some totally mundane personal affects?

Oh yeah, that. Some mundane personal affects. A reporter asked Durant after the Thunder's stomping of the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday what was in the backpack.

Durant's answer: his iPad, a Bible, his headphones and his cell phone charger. A cell phone charger. I think we would all have preferred this one to remain an eternal mystery.

For what it's worth, KD played it up a bit in a pre-taped Inside the NBA segment that unfortunately aired after the big reveal.