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2011 NBA Draft Order: Second Round Sequence Set

The 2011 NBA Draft Lottery not only cleared up the small matter of which team will pick No. 1 in the June selection -- that'd be the Cleveland Cavaliers -- but also settled a few question marks in the second round. The draft order for picks 31-60 depended in part on whether some lottery teams tied in regular season record picked higher than the teams they were tied with.

For example, since the Nets were tied with the Kings in the regular season, and the Jazz owned the Nets' first-round pick, and Utah was slotted ahead in the first round after the lottery, the Kings get to leap ahead of the Nets in the teams' back-to-back second-round picks.

If that sounds confusing, just take a peep at the NBA Draft order for the second round. (See the first round order, as well.)

31. Miami Heat (from Minnesota Timberwolves)

32. Cleveland Cavaliers

33. Detroit Pistons (from Toronto Raptors)

34. Washington Wizards

35. Sacramento Kings

36. New Jersey Nets

37. Los Angeles Clippers

38. Houston Rockets

39. Charlotte Bobcats

40. Milwaukee Bucks

41. Los Angeles Lakers

42. Indiana Pacers

43. Chicago Bulls

44. Golden State Warriors

45. New Orleans Hornets

46. Los Angeles Lakers

47. Los Angeles Clippers

48. Atlanta Hawks

49. Memphis Grizzlies

50. Philadelphia 76ers

51. Portland Trail Blazers

52. Denver Nuggets

53. Orlando Magic

54. Cleveland Cavaliers

55. Boston Celtics

56. Los Angeles Lakers

57. Dallas Mavericks

58. Los Angeles Lakers

59. San Antonio Spurs

60. Sacramento Kings

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