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VIDEO: David Kahn 'Jokes' About NBA Draft Lottery Conspiracies, Irene Pollin

David Kahn made headlines after the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery not because his Minnesota Timberwolves landed the No. 2 pick, but because an Associated Press reporter quoted him saying some rather awful things about the NBA's "habit" of having great storylines at the lottery. On Tuesday, it was Nick Gilbert, the sick 14-year-old son of Dan Gilbert; last year, Irene Pollin, the widow of longtime Wizards owner Abe Pollin.

DraftExpress fears Kahn's quotes were taken out of context, and posted video of the remarks. Now the question isn't whether Kahn was joking -- it's whether a man in Kahn's position should be making jokes about NBA conspiracies and calling sick kids and widows good storylines.


The NBA has long fought charges of impropriety; the Patrick Ewing "frozen envelope" theory will never, ever die. So to have a GM joke to reporters about the league's "habit" of having a storybook ending to the draft lottery, and then turn the death of Abe Pollin into part of that joke ... it's something only David Kahn could do.