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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Holding Twitter Hostage Until Lakers Build Him A Statue

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As Los Angeles Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told the Sporting News earlier Wednesday [auto-playing, un-pauseable video warning], he'd really like the team to honor him with a statue outside the Staples Center. Since the article was published hours ago, the team has not yet started chiseling a statue, and thus a new medium needed to be deployed. So Kareem took to Twitter. More accurately, Kareem took Twitter, alternately praising and slamming Lakers fans while promising an appearance on Mike & Mike Thursday.

Here's almost all of his rant, minus a few @ replies:

Bill Russell is getting his statue after 40 years. Laker immortal Jerry West waited 37 years for his statue. My wait has only been 22 yrs. Rumor has it that I will be getting a statue. A caveat for all my fans-don't hold your breath. Lakers don't care about me. The only reason I endure is because of all the support I get from Laker fans everywhere I go. Thanks to all for your appreciation.

Magic waited 8 years to be honored in that way. So maybe I am chopped liver?

No one hacked my account these are my feelings and they should be known. No tears just an oppty to state how I feel about the way things are. Justice deferred is justice denied. A slight is a slight. There is no bitterness.

Laker fans have always let me know that they appreciated me. That is sufficient. What prompted me has been a steady diet of disrespect from the supposedly wonderful Laker family.

Lakers Fans are top shelf and I thank you for remembering my contributions as a player and as a coach. I love you all! Its not about a getting a statue because I'm over it - its about RESPECT! Lakers have given me the absolute minimum of respect.

I will be on ESPNs Mike & Mike in the Morning tomorrow AM talking about this issue. Tune in if you want more details.

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