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VIDEO: Luol Deng Drills Buzzer-Beater From Mile Away In LeBron James' Wake

If we're being honest with ourselves, we're all paying especially close attention to the NBA playoffs so we can be the first to say, "Ha ha, LeBron James quit in the playoffs." We'd all be watching it anyway of course, but LeBron has a reputation that must be maintained. While nobody plays especially aggressive defense during the closing seconds of a first quarter, Luol Deng's buzzer-beating shot from the other end of the world won't silence LeBron's mockers any time soon:

Video via @jose3030.

Again, not very many NBA players would've done a whole lot more than James did there, though it would've been nice to see him at least wave an arm or something. But really, why bother? Why risk drawing a foul that would send Deng to the line? That's an absurd shot that's almost never going to go in.

Kind of looks like he was trying to draw a charge. That's how I'll choose to interpret this footage.

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