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Carlos Boozer's 'Winning Streak' Does Not Extend To Lyrics Of 'Chicago Bulls Anthem' Rap

In theory, recording a rap anthem for your popular NBA basketball team should be a good thing, as long as you avoid the sort of language that got Allen Iverson's debut as Jewelz shelved. But you know what doesn't make the crowd go wild in Chicago? Lyrics like the ones Carlos Boozer tries to kick on "Winning Streak (Chicago Bulls Anthem)."

Boozer leads off the track, and just reading his lyrics lets you know he comes about as correct as whatever the opposite of coming correct is:

Dream it, believe it, do it, let's go
Already know I cross 'em over, take it to the hole
Look back, thank God, look forward, trust God
That's why when I'm in the paint you know I go hard
Might go baseline one time and abuse ya
Run back down the court like "You know it was Boozer!"
I used to be another li'l fella with some hoop dreams
Now I got the game laced up, shoestrings

It's amusing to think that Boozer's often-profane exultations get reduced to "Run back down the court like 'You know it was Boozer!'" here, but, apart from the lack of flow and interest in mostly generic, predominantly monosyllabic rhymes, the particularly egregious part is that last line, "Now, I got the game laced up, shoestrings."

That's ripped from the much-reviled Kanye West-coined "hashtag rap" style that has been used by rappers like Drake and Big Sean to chop like and as out of similes.

Those guys — and bigger artists, like Kanye himself, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne — have been able to do some things with the hashtag rap style. Carlos Boozer does nothing with it.

Boozer's presence isn't the only bad thing about the track: the beat is terrible, and Mario Winans shows up to Auto-Tune his way through a verse, so, really, the only thing listeners should listen for is Twista's nimble verse, which may actually name every current Chicago Bull.

I'd be tempted to blame whomever decided to drop a song called "Winning Streak" immediately after a Bulls loss for this, too, but Fake Shore Drive has the backstory and the MP3, and explains that this was premiered at the United Center during Game 2 of the Bulls-Heat series last night.

So I'm comfortable attributing the end of the Bulls' winning streak to the debut of Carlos Boozer's "Winning Streak."